Our solution helps photonics device manufacturers accelerate time to market and reduce their operating cost in design efforts. For complex photonics devices, minute changes to design parameters are significant and could affect loss performance, and operating voltage requirements. Are you building your prototypes and testing them? Each run could cost you hundreds of thousands and consume precious time. Especially, if the first batch of devices do not meet required parameters and additional batches are required.

Hence, we provide an elegant solution with our accurate modelling and simulation solutions. Our software solutions provide a 10x improvement in time reduction and time to market.

Interested to reduce developmental costs for your photonic devices? How about improving product yield? We may just have the solution with our all-in-one silicon modulator design software.

Modulator Analysis

Designed from the ground up, we are able to model and analyse key modulator characteristics such as extinction ratio, drive voltage, phase shift efficiencies etc.

Optimise Performance

Here, we evaluate the performance of a silicon-based MZI device by simulating the eye diagram based on its inherent electrical and subsequent optical modeling of individual silicon depletion modulator. This methodology directly takes into account the characteristics of a modulated optical beam, constituting electrical parameters such as capacitance, conductance, and transitioning times to model time response and to obtain effective complex refractive index from optical simulations of the phase shifter arms of the MZI. In turn this simulates the phase change and resultant loss induced by each arm. This methodology is suitable for interferometer-based optical devices and has been applied to silicon-based depletion modulators at 10-, 40-Gbps and demonstrated good agreement with experimental data. This development enables rapid design iterations with full accuracy and can be extended to other optical devices such as detectors and ring resonators.

Hardware and Software Prototyping

We offer access to our hardware partners to meet prototyping requirements. Our software prototyping shortens the development time required and help you save costs on expensive developmental runs.

Design for Manufacturability

Let us help you to address mass production concerns for photonics manufacturing. Our solutions can accommodate variances and manufacturing parameters.

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